situation with window decorations

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Sep 2 00:58:20 BST 2009

Lucas Murray wrote:
> About the off-topic snapping issue that the Oxygen team wants:
> 1) Oxygen team wants to be able to customise the snapping zones of a
> window from the decoration.
> 2) They want it so if a user clicks on another window but it close to
> a window's decoration then it will issue a resize command.
> 3) If the snapping zone is changed then it will allow two windows to
> overlap each other by a small amount even if the user cannot see it
> (As the overlapping part is transparent)
> 4) This means if the user wants to click a part of a window near the
> edge of another window then they will accidentally resize the window
> instead (Bad).

Except that you are not for or against :-), I would add that this is 
only in 1 px area, and only if the other window is on top. Which, if 
window shadows are used, that area is already being painted with the 
other window's shadow, which I think significantly mitigates this...

> 5) It will be possible to resize a window to the edge of the screen
> but not be able to resize it back as the resize handle is now off the
> screen (Bad).

Huh? I thought the resize area was being made *bigger*, not moved. Right 
now I can resize windows that have been sized to the edge of the screen. 
I don't understand how is this no longer going to be possible?

> 6) Customising the snapping zone can only work when compositing is enabled.

Um... why? Snapping is handled by kwin, no? Why can't kwin permit window 
geometry {l,t,w,h} and snap as if it was {l+1,t+1,w-2,h-2}?

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