situation with window decorations

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Thu Sep 10 04:17:06 BST 2009

> ok. So: concerning the bottom of the title "tab" they are there.
> Concerning the top of the "tab". There not there, but as far as I can 
> tell oxygen does not round the tabs either where they join the bar of 
> the main widget (which here is, well, this blue frame). Right ?
oh in fact, the old-styles oxygen tabs where rounded there too. Not the 
new ones. Not sure what to do (I like the new ones better :-))
> As for the one in the corners, there are the outer corners, and the 
> inner corners. The outer are rounded. The inner are not. That can be 
> done at the top. That cannot be done at the bottom because the window 
> contents define the corner. Unless you add more pixels to the bottom 
> border, or make the outline thinner. Correct ?
> (current outline is 4pixels wide which is also the "normal" 
> oxygen/nitrogen decoration border. So it fills all the place.)
>>> or in the corners of the window ? or both ?
>> The window corners are already rounded, are they not? (Or do you mean 
>> because you are using 5px wide colored edge instead of the 2px? Btw, 
>> stop that ;-). Otherwise those should be rounded also, but I'd make 
>> the colored edge 2-3px, it looks better IMO. IOW don't change how the 
>> rest of the edges are drawn for the 'title highlight'.)
>>>> The one thing I *don't* like is the entire frame being colored. I 
>>>> prefer the current state, which is just the outer edge colored. 
>>>> Again this goes with the concept of the bottom part being a 
>>>> different color.
>>>> For larger border sizes I think it would be awesome to have a 
>>>> two-step edge, like this (think of this as side cross-section):
>>>>         window color -->    /------- [ · · · face of window · · · ]
>>>>                       /-----|
>>>> decoration color -->  |
>>> If I get it right, this is already the case when the border is >= Large
>> Not quite, it is missing the second lip (except at the top)... which 
>> IMO should be there regardless if it is raised or sunken.
> lip ? I'm confused ...
>>> (and for 'normal' size there is really not that much room: 4 pixels)
>> Right, for normal size, you kind-of fudge (read: ignore) the inner 
>> lip and soften the transition from deco color to window color.

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