situation with window decorations

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Thu Sep 10 04:05:58 BST 2009

Hi Matthew,

Sorry for late posting, I'm quite behind my mailbox
> Well, not entirely, views are sunken. Mostly the idea of the window 
> frame being higher than everything else doesn't feel right to me. Oh, 
> and it's consistent with how the "scratches" were done.
> Also... why *active* window? I had expected this would apply to *all* 
> windows, using the appropriate deco color. Otherwise it's like 
> adding/removing elements when the window changes states. (Come to 
> think of it, that's another reason I think the scratches were odd...)
> That reminds me, can I ask for an option (or even just do it outright) 
> to not change the WM buttons on inactive windows?
> One more thing I am noticing now that I have it running on my machine; 
> the window title text needs to be centered vertically in the inset 
> space (or at minimum, moved up 1-2px, maybe pick whichever is less 
> from the frame size). 

> And is it me or has this made the title bar taller? 
Yes it is. The title bar is total 4 pixels taller (2 above and 2 below, 
for symetry), otherwise the 4pixel wide outline collides with the buttons.
> It would be best to avoid doing that if possible.
Unless by making the outline border thiner, I don't see how. Now of 
course everything could be different with your sunken pattern.
>>> Also the top corners need to be rounded :-). 
>> You mean, the top corners on both sides of the title 'tab' ?
> Yes. ASCII-art illustration of the outline between deco color and 
> window color ('X' and 'O' are application icon and all-desktops button):
>  ______                __________
> /      \              /
> | X O  | Window Title |
> |      \______________/
ok. So: concerning the bottom of the title "tab" they are there.
Concerning the top of the "tab". There not there, but as far as I can 
tell oxygen does not round the tabs either where they join the bar of 
the main widget (which here is, well, this blue frame). Right ?

As for the one in the corners, there are the outer corners, and the 
inner corners. The outer are rounded. The inner are not. That can be 
done at the top. That cannot be done at the bottom because the window 
contents define the corner. Unless you add more pixels to the bottom 
border, or make the outline thinner. Correct ?

(current outline is 4pixels wide which is also the "normal" 
oxygen/nitrogen decoration border. So it fills all the place.)
>> or in the corners of the window ? or both ?
> The window corners are already rounded, are they not? (Or do you mean 
> because you are using 5px wide colored edge instead of the 2px? Btw, 
> stop that ;-). Otherwise those should be rounded also, but I'd make 
> the colored edge 2-3px, it looks better IMO. IOW don't change how the 
> rest of the edges are drawn for the 'title highlight'.)
>>> The one thing I *don't* like is the entire frame being colored. I 
>>> prefer the current state, which is just the outer edge colored. 
>>> Again this goes with the concept of the bottom part being a 
>>> different color.
>>> For larger border sizes I think it would be awesome to have a 
>>> two-step edge, like this (think of this as side cross-section):
>>>         window color -->    /------- [ · · · face of window · · · ]
>>>                       /-----|
>>> decoration color -->  |
>> If I get it right, this is already the case when the border is >= Large
> Not quite, it is missing the second lip (except at the top)... which 
> IMO should be there regardless if it is raised or sunken.
lip ? I'm confused ...
>> (and for 'normal' size there is really not that much room: 4 pixels)
> Right, for normal size, you kind-of fudge (read: ignore) the inner lip 
> and soften the transition from deco color to window color.

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