Nitrogen/Oxygen merging ?

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Thu Sep 10 04:09:59 BST 2009

>> Hi Alexander,
>> So ... the top border has a (tiny) shadow. Right ? So you are mostly 
>> referring to the sides and bottom border. Do you ? Or do you also 
>> think the top border shadow being too light ?
> IMO the top border looks okay, the sides and bottom need borders also 
> or else you have something... curious going on as far as what heights 
> you are communicating.
> And did I mention the colored part of the border should be less of the 
> total border? :-)
Well, I must be slow ...
For ozone, everything was blue (title bar sides and bottom).
I kept the sides all blue (4px) when using default border, and kept the 
same width for top and bottom, leaving the rest "window-color" except 
for the title tab. One can darken, or make shadow like one pixel on such 
4px sides, for all border sizes >= normal, but what else ?
For Large borders and above, the colored side _is_ less than the total 

But maybe a screenshot or mockup (I'm slow with Ascii too) would make me 
think faster !

> (Did you see [1] yet?)
> 1:

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