Nitrogen/Oxygen merging ?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Sep 10 17:44:02 BST 2009

Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>> And did I mention the colored part of the border should be less of the 
>> total border? :-)
> Well, I must be slow ...
> For ozone, everything was blue (title bar sides and bottom).

True, but ozone was... aesthetically challenged. We can do better :-).

(On an unrelated note, I kind of wish you - and everyone else - would 
stop saying "blue". That's like saying VisitedText is purple. Both 
statements are only true for the /default/ color palette. "Decoration 
colored" would be better. In White Peach, for example, Active Titlebar 
is brown :-).)

> I kept the sides all blue (4px) when using default border, and kept the 
> same width for top and bottom, leaving the rest "window-color" except 
> for the title tab. One can darken, or make shadow like one pixel on such 
> 4px sides, for all border sizes >= normal, but what else ?

What I have right now is the 2px colored borders with the colored 
caption. I can see *maybe* a third px, but I prefer that to the whole 
edge colored. (I also think that has a better shot of approval as default.)

>> And is it me or has this made the title bar taller? 
> Yes it is. The title bar is total 4 pixels taller (2 above and 2 below, 
> for symetry), otherwise the 4pixel wide outline collides with the buttons.
>> It would be best to avoid doing that if possible.
> Unless by making the outline border thiner, I don't see how. Now of 
> course everything could be different with your sunken pattern.

...IMO another excellent reason to keep the smaller outline ;-).

> For Large borders and above, the colored side _is_ less than the total 
> border.

Okay, maybe it just needs the edge then.

> But maybe a screenshot or mockup (I'm slow with Ascii too) would make me 
> think faster !

I'm going to be playing with it anyway, will post a screen shot when it 
is more complete :-).

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