Nitrogen/Oxygen merging ?

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Mon Sep 7 19:44:23 BST 2009


There's been a bunch of changes to Nitrogen since it is in kde trunk, to 
improve the configuration window (and the preview), fix bugs, clean-up 
the code, and implement a variation on Thomas idea for active window 
title highlight, 'a la' ozone. As of today, my "bugfix/cleaning" todo 
list is empty, and since the original oxygen guys look happy enough with 
nitrogen, I wonder if now would be a good time to merge them, have only 
one "oxygen" window decoration, and make it again (finally :-)) the 
default kde decoration.
That does not mean that things could not be improved:
- Lucas would like to have a border size intermediate between "Tiny" and 
"No Border" (something with top and bottom borders but no sides), and an 
"interlock" between the active window glow and the active window blue 
title highlight;
- Nuno would like to have more configurable shadows (working on it :-)), 
and some reworking on the buttons;
- there is still the issue with svn externals for the part of the code 
that is common to the decoration and oxygen style.
- and of course any other concern/request/bug report is welcome.
However, all of these would be better done in a one-and-only decoration 
(rather that being ported from one fork to the other).

What do you think ?

(if we agree, and as agreed with oxygen folks, the easiest way to do the 
merging is for me to change all "Nitrogen" into "Oxygen" in my code, 
copy everything into the kwin/clients/oxygen directory, commit from 
there, and when things work, remove the kwin/clients/nitrogen directory.)


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