Nitrogen/Oxygen merging ?

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Mon Sep 7 20:01:04 BST 2009

> - Lucas would like to have a border size intermediate between "Tiny" 
> and "No Border" (something with top and bottom borders but no sides), 
> and an "interlock" between the active window glow and the active 
> window blue title highlight;
> - Nuno would like to have more configurable shadows (working on it 
> :-)), and some reworking on the buttons;
> - there is still the issue with svn externals for the part of the code 
> that is common to the decoration and oxygen style.
> - and of course any other concern/request/bug report is welcome.
PS: also on the to-do list: move sizeGrip to kwin.
And also: for those who don't compile kde from trunk, there is a bunch 
of almost up-to-date screenshots at:

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