situation with window decorations

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Sat Sep 5 00:55:52 BST 2009

Thomas Lübking wrote:
> Am Friday 04 September 2009 schrieb Fredrik Höglund:
>> In my opinion the size grip implementation doesn't belong in
>> the KWin styles, but in KWin itself.
> +1
>> The appearance doesn't have to match the KWin theme if it's
>> only shown when there are no borders. It's more important that
>> it's generic and doesn't contrast with the widget style.
> Yesno.
> 1) A couple of decos ship alongside a style. So (assuming they're used 
> together) the deco has "the best" idea of what the window looks like. So it 
> would likely be a good idea to let the deco paint the grip (or in case adding 
> virtual functions doesn't work, set a color)
mmm. The issue with contrasting with the widget style is for non kde/qt 
apps. There is effectively not one widget style on my desktop. Whereas 
(except for some exceptions, like xmms), there is only one windeco.

On the other hand, the kstyle could make sure that it leaves enough room 
in the lower left corner of the windows for the size grip to be shown 
without conflicting with the window content. (e.g: some extra margin in 
status-bars; large enough margins for QDialogs and QMainWindow, these 
kind of stuff. Of course, you would always have some app which breaks 
the rule. plus there is gtk.
> 2) If implemented in the WM there actually doesn't /have/ to be any visual 
> resize grip at all.
> A current KDE desktop will likely see Qt4/Gtk+/OOo/FF/+ - some drawing their 
> own resize grips... sometimes.
> Also with videoplayers (mplayer et al) it's rather "in the way for no reason" 
> in most cases (i'd bet you'll in >90% of all cases either use -fs or keep the 
> window at 100%)
> So KWin could just offer a size mode (below "tiny") where a small corner 
> (12x12) in the lower right (left) corner of the window is treated "semi-
> inverted", i.e. show the resize cursor and trigger a moveResize on lmb unless 
> the WM modifier (ALT) is pressed (to access active elements inside the 
> window).
+1 (if feasible. I don't know kwin enough)
> Thomas

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