situation with window decorations

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Fri Sep 4 22:08:41 BST 2009

Am Friday 04 September 2009 schrieb Fredrik Höglund:
> In my opinion the size grip implementation doesn't belong in
> the KWin styles, but in KWin itself.

> The appearance doesn't have to match the KWin theme if it's
> only shown when there are no borders. It's more important that
> it's generic and doesn't contrast with the widget style.
1) A couple of decos ship alongside a style. So (assuming they're used 
together) the deco has "the best" idea of what the window looks like. So it 
would likely be a good idea to let the deco paint the grip (or in case adding 
virtual functions doesn't work, set a color)

2) If implemented in the WM there actually doesn't /have/ to be any visual 
resize grip at all.
A current KDE desktop will likely see Qt4/Gtk+/OOo/FF/+ - some drawing their 
own resize grips... sometimes.
Also with videoplayers (mplayer et al) it's rather "in the way for no reason" 
in most cases (i'd bet you'll in >90% of all cases either use -fs or keep the 
window at 100%)

So KWin could just offer a size mode (below "tiny") where a small corner 
(12x12) in the lower right (left) corner of the window is treated "semi-
inverted", i.e. show the resize cursor and trigger a moveResize on lmb unless 
the WM modifier (ALT) is pressed (to access active elements inside the 


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