KDE Trunk based on Qt 4.6

David Jarvie djarvie at kde.org
Wed Sep 2 13:35:45 BST 2009

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 11:32:41 Tom Albers wrote:
> Well, the past has proven that QT+1 /can/ break stuff within KDE. Probably
>  caused by workarounds we did in KDE to workaround bugs in QT. Those bugs
>  were solved and now the workarounds fail. It does not matter why it fails,
>  it matters that it /can/ fail.
> And Debian announcing it would ignore our warnings hurts. Making a better
>  4.x.0 release than we did in the past is therefor not possible, .0 will
>  continue to be less than optimal and efforts to change that are made
>  impossible by this behaviour.

You're forgetting that Debian is a whole distribution, not a desktop 
environment. KDE forms only a tiny proportion of the packages which it 
contains. KDE might be more significant in terms of visibility than many other 
applications, but Debian still has to look at the wider picture. We can't 
dictate what they do - they have to make their own judgement as to what's best 
overall. So although we may offer our advice and warnings, I don't see why we 
should feel hurt if they make their own decision and it doesn't happen to be 
the best one in our eyes. That's life.

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