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Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Wed Sep 2 11:32:41 BST 2009

At Wednesday 02 September 2009 11:39, you wrote:
> El Domingo, 30 de Agosto de 2009, Tom Albers escribió:
> > Op Sunday 30 August 2009 23:52 schreef u:
> > > On 2009-08-30, Tom Albers <toma at kde.org> wrote:
> > > > I'm sure we can make a cmake check which will give a big fat warning to
> > > distro's to not do that.
> > >
> > > Which distros will ignore.  Qt is not only used by KDE, and Qt is
> > > expected to keep compability and no behaviour changes.
> >
> > Thanks. Just gave a whole new look on Debian.
> > I naively thought they would take KDE serious and would not ignore such a
> > warning.
> You can't fully blame the packagers for this. Qt-people state that if you 
> develop and test an app with Qt 4.x, it will run the same with Qt 4.x+1. Then 
> KDE-people put a warning to not use Qt 4.x+1 because they haven't tested this 
> version.
> Now packagers have to choose whether they should agree with Qt devs or KDE 
> devs, so they are going to upset someone anyway. Given that 4.x+1 should 
> work, and if it does not it's a bug, siding with the Qt devs it's the better 
> option in the long term: if it doesn't work they are doing something wrong, 
> and they should know it to fix it and avoid it in the future.

Well, the past has proven that QT+1 /can/ break stuff within KDE. Probably caused by workarounds we did in KDE to workaround bugs in QT. Those bugs were solved and now the workarounds fail. It does not matter why it fails, it matters that it /can/ fail.

And Debian announcing it would ignore our warnings hurts. Making a better 4.x.0 release than we did in the past is therefor not possible, .0 will continue to be less than optimal and efforts to change that are made impossible by this behaviour.



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