KNotificationItem class name is confusing

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Oct 28 21:45:01 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 28 October 2009, Parker Coates wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 16:03, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > possible names that would be both accurate and meaningful might
> > include KApplicationStatusNotifier, KStatusNotifier,
> > KStatusNotificationItem
> All of these have an advantage over the current name by putting
> something between the "K" and the "Notificaton". That greatly serves
> to break the immediate mental connection to KNotification.

perhaps the connection is -still- not really evident, but that's intended

> I assumed that anything containing "application" was off limits as
> many systray users are services, not applications.
> > i'm not sure using the term "Workspace" in there makes much sense.
> Can I ask why you don't think "workspace" makes sense? I thought it
> was important to recognise that this "item" lives outside of the
> application itself. Sticking "workspace" in there was the best I could
> come up with to indicate that.

references to workspace are not bad, but the names proposed, like 
KWorkspaceNotification, suggests that is a notification -from- the workspace, 
and anyways it seems a term that doesn't add much info to it

> > as a side note, it would be great if we could make this the last thread
> > on this matter. it is far from the first and i'm confident we have better
> > things to do than rehash this conversation repeatedly.
> I think everyone agrees with you there. Who makes the final call? Marco?

dunno if i do.. but anyways, to summarize:
-the thing -does- want to be part of the notification system
-other names doen't seem -much- better
-honestly i don't really want to embark in a mission of unbreaking the whole 
trunk after renaming it, unless there is a -really- better name

> Parker
> (Whose opinion matters less than Kevin's)

Marco Martin

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