FF vs Konq

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 28 21:17:46 GMT 2009

Chani wrote:
>> What I *really* want is the ability to save a subset of all opened tabs
>> (okay to be restricted to whole windows) as a named session, which even
>> FF doesn't have currently.
> oh; I used to abuse View Profiles for that. :) these days I abuse "bookmark 
> tabs as folder" instead.
> once we have sessions for activities I'll probably switch to that :)

Yes, I /think/ that's what I am waiting for. (But I'm not sure, since I 
don't have a very clear idea of what an "activity" is supposed to be ;-).)

> there are a couple of glitches, like having to reload the page after updating 
> a patch, and that damned grow-the-textbox bug...

Er... right, that's the one I mean.

> but it used to not work at 
> all and now those are the only issues I can think of :)

I guess I missed that phase :-).

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