FF vs Konq

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 21:08:24 GMT 2009

> What I *really* want is the ability to save a subset of all opened tabs
> (okay to be restricted to whole windows) as a named session, which even
> FF doesn't have currently.

oh; I used to abuse View Profiles for that. :) these days I abuse "bookmark 
tabs as folder" instead.
once we have sessions for activities I'll probably switch to that :)

> > breaking kio I just take as one of the inevitable bothers of running
> > trunk :)
> Indeed :-). I'm not really complaining about it, just making a note.
> By the way, I haven't logged into a KDE session in almost two months
> :-D. I only ever log out when I need to do hardware maintenance, or when
> I get around to it after something breaks horribly (e.g. kio issue).
> (Actually that's only true of my desktop; my netbook is usually on once
> a week and gets shut down when I am done.)

ahhh, if only I could still do that; I avoid shutdowns as much as possible but 
my hardware doesn't like me very much. :)

> >> As for compatability... KHTML doesn't play so nice with Review Board.
> >> Other than that, it generally works IME. However Konqueror is also
> >> lacking NoScript and Stylish (plugins).
> > 
> > huh. rb is one of that sites that's actually put some work into not
> > breaking khtml. worksforme :)
> Really? What RB are you testing against?


there are a couple of glitches, like having to reload the page after updating 
a patch, and that damned grow-the-textbox bug... but it used to not work at 
all and now those are the only issues I can think of :)

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