FF vs Konq

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 28 18:27:57 GMT 2009

Chani wrote:
> On October 26, 2009 17:31:53 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Marco Martin wrote:
>>> right now even most of kde developers are using firefox, because there
>>> are many many sites that with khtml simply won't work.
>> Actually I've started using a mix. Why? Because FF's session management
>> is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because konq doesn't do
>> very well being restarted and picking up all my tabs across all windows.
> hmm. it's done fairly well at that for me... although it's not perfect...

I'm not talking about logout/login (which has decent, though not 
perfect, success rate for me). I'm talking about crash recovery (which 
only affects single windows, though in fairness I think konq runs 
process-per-window anyway, or at least isn't a uniqueapp the way FF - or 
Konsole :-( - is), and ability to save named sessions.

What I *really* want is the ability to save a subset of all opened tabs 
(okay to be restricted to whole windows) as a named session, which even 
FF doesn't have currently.

> breaking kio I just take as one of the inevitable bothers of running trunk :)

Indeed :-). I'm not really complaining about it, just making a note.

By the way, I haven't logged into a KDE session in almost two months 
:-D. I only ever log out when I need to do hardware maintenance, or when 
I get around to it after something breaks horribly (e.g. kio issue).

(Actually that's only true of my desktop; my netbook is usually on once 
a week and gets shut down when I am done.)

>> As for compatability... KHTML doesn't play so nice with Review Board.
>> Other than that, it generally works IME. However Konqueror is also
>> lacking NoScript and Stylish (plugins).
> huh. rb is one of that sites that's actually put some work into not breaking 
> khtml. worksforme :)

Really? What RB are you testing against?

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