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Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Wed Oct 28 07:03:32 GMT 2009

Dawit A. skrev:
> There is a big difference between providing integration with KDE
>  technologies  such as KIO and a single KDE application, namely Konqueror.
>  It is easy for people, including KDE developers, to simply confuse KDE
>  wide configuration as being Konqueror specific because frankly that is
>  probably the only place where they encountered these options. Things like
>  the cookiejar and user-agent configurations come to mind. Anyhow,
>  kdewebkit does not and will not depend on any settings that are specific
>  to a single application.

Personally I would love for apps using khtml to respect ua settings, ad 
filters, cookie settings etc made from within konqueror (akregator for 
example). Similarly with kdewebkit if that is to replace khtml in 

Sharing that sort of configurations is an obvious must!

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