FF vs Konq (was: kdewebkit moved to kdereview)

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Oct 27 00:31:53 GMT 2009

Marco Martin wrote:
> right now even most of kde developers are using firefox, because there
> are many many sites that with khtml simply won't work.

Actually I've started using a mix. Why? Because FF's session management 
is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because konq doesn't do 
very well being restarted and picking up all my tabs across all windows. 
It is a curse because FF makes you jump through hoops to spin off new 
sessions. (And also because (distro) upgrades inevitably break it and it 
needs to be restarted. Although KDE built from trunk has that problem 
also, but several times worse; every now and then KIO simply quits 
working until logout/login.)

Konq with *real* session management (and that means ability to shift 
windows between multiple active sessions, as well as reliable session 
save/restore on exit or in the event of a crash) would rock my world. Of 
course SM should ideally be done as desktop-wide as possible, not 
limited to the browser. I guess this is sort of what Plasma "activities" 
are supposed to do, but I can't say I've seen the 5ยข tutorial on "How to 
Make Activities Work for You".

As a start, it would be nice if Konq learned from FF to tell me what it 
wants to restore when it thinks it finds a crashed session. (As it 
happens, any time I run konq when it is already running on a different X 
server, it thinks it found a crashed session; if I choose to restore 
said session, it is almost always the tabs from a konq that is still 
running healthy on another X server.)

As for compatability... KHTML doesn't play so nice with Review Board. 
Other than that, it generally works IME. However Konqueror is also 
lacking NoScript and Stylish (plugins).

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