KFilePlacesModel/View question

nf2 nf2.email at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 12:24:57 BST 2009

I'm wondering whether the device related code in KFilePlacesModel
could be internalized a bit. So that the classes using it don't have
to deal with devices directly (like kfilplacesview.cpp,
systemmodel.cpp, placesengine.cpp, placesrunner.cpp). That way we
could more easily plug a different model, for instance when running
KDE apps outside KDE.

My question is about the code at line 152 in kfileplacesview.cpp:

if (((device.is<Solid::StorageAccess>() &&
device.as<Solid::StorageAccess>()->isAccessible()) ||
             (device.parent().is<Solid::StorageAccess>() &&
device.parent().as<Solid::StorageAccess>()->isAccessible())) &&
            ((device.is<Solid::StorageDrive>() &&
device.as<Solid::StorageDrive>()->isRemovable()) ||
             (device.parent().is<Solid::StorageDrive>() &&
device.parent().as<Solid::StorageDrive>()->isRemovable())) &&
            ((device.is<Solid::StorageDrive>() &&
device.as<Solid::StorageDrive>()->driveType() !=
Solid::StorageDrive::CdromDrive) ||
             (device.parent().is<Solid::StorageDrive>() &&
device.parent().as<Solid::StorageDrive>()->driveType() !=
Solid::StorageDrive::CdromDrive))) {
            isRemovableDevice = true;

It hardly ever sets isRemovableDevice = true (which would show the
capacity bar), or perhaps i just don't have devices where it would.


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