Nepomuk as hard dependency in future?

Evgeny Egorochkin phreedom.stdin at
Sat Oct 17 23:30:08 BST 2009

В сообщении от Суббота 17 октября 2009 20:13:43 автор Martin Sandsmark 
>  Lørdag 17. oktober 2009 16.55.34 skrev Ingmar Vanhassel :
> > Do we really want to force netbook users to have a virtuoso server
> >  installed? Along with mysql for akonadi...
> If you had read the thread, you would see that this is merely a build-time
> dependency. :-P
Unf no. Virtuoso is a runtime dependency. You compile soprano against 
libiodbc, not against Virtuoso. However Virtuoso uses much less ram than 
sesame2. Still too much to be used on a PDA.

As to netbook...

It all depends on how you use Nepomuk. If you actively use it for something, 
then don't complain, RAM is cheap.

If you use it for tagging and PIM, Virtuoso will take less than 50M(at least 
this is what I see) and no CPU.

Basically indexing files is a resource hog. On a netbook I wouldn't advise to 
use Nepomuk to index your whole KDE repo. Tagging your tiny music collection 
should be trouble-free.

-- Evgeny

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