Nepomuk as hard dependency in future?

Ingmar Vanhassel ingmar at
Sat Oct 17 18:27:15 BST 2009

Excerpts from Martin Sandsmark's message of Sat Oct 17 19:13:43 +0200 2009:
>  Lørdag 17. oktober 2009 16.55.34 skrev Ingmar Vanhassel :
> > Do we really want to force netbook users to have a virtuoso server
> >  installed? Along with mysql for akonadi...
> If you had read the thread, you would see that this is merely a build-time 
> dependency. :-P

Ah yes, if that's not changed then I've no reason to moan. :)

Thanks for pointing that out.

Exherbo KDE, maintainer

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