granatier moved to kdereview

Mathias Kraus k.hias at
Mon Oct 12 22:08:53 BST 2009

Anne-Marie Mahfouf schrieb am Montag 12 Oktober 2009:
> The doc should be more informative: how to lay a bomb, what to do then
>  (some strategy hints), ... Can't he choose a player? Name it? play against
>  the computer? play in network?
> "Import arenas" does not work. Can users contribute themes? arenas? (would
>  be for all games)
> Shouldn't the statusbar be informative about the user? score? ... if it's
>  not used you can remove it.
hi anne-marie

I will improve the docs over the next weeks. I just needed to move it to 
kdereview to not miss the feature freeze :)


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