[Kde-games-devel] granatier moved to kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Oct 12 10:00:25 BST 2009

A Diumenge 11 Octubre 2009 22:36:49, Mathias Kraus va escriure:
> Hi all,
> I just moved granatier from playground/games to kdereview. I would like
> granatier to be moved to KDE/kdegames. I am waiting for any bug report or
> suggest.

I added some const, const&, etc, with my janitor hat on.

With my player hat on i'd like:
 * Key presses to work a bit better, at the moment if i do, press up, press 
right, release right, the "circle" stops moving while i'd like it to still go 
up after releaseing right but keeping up pressed (not sure if that's my 
keyboard problem)
 * Keeping the "lay bomb" key pressed should lay bombs in all the cells i move 
to if i have bombs left (not sure if that's my keyboard problem)
 * Seeing which is my current "modifier" and how much time is left until it 
expires, for example if i pick up the mirror powerup it expires after some 
time, i'd like to see on screen that i've been mirrored and how much time it's 
left for me to go back to the regular mode
 * A computer player
 * Network play (zeroconf/ggz)

With my i18n dude had i'd like:
 * No text on powerups or powerup text to be translatable, i'd suggest the 
first since translations can get much longer than original english ones and 
would not fit or need a very small font, i know this means more work in the 
icons side but will benefit everyone (think of kids)


> Regards,
> Mathias
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