Review Request: Update KTabBar and KTabWidget to use the Qt>=4.5 "setSelectionBehaviorOnRemove" functions (QTabBar)

Darío Andrés andresbajotierra at
Mon Oct 12 00:52:23 BST 2009

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(Updated 2009-10-11 23:52:23.349629)

Review request for kdelibs.


As Alex suggested:
Adding proper KDE_DEPRECATED mark + comments
Moved that slot out of "protected Q_SLOTS"

Mh, small trailing space, I'm going to fix it later


This patches removes the duplicated function of "KTabWidget" about selecting the previous tab on deletion (this feature was also conflicting with QTabWidget/QTabBar if the "selectionBehaviorOnRemove" was set to "SelectPreviousTab")
It also forces "KTabBar" to use "(set)selectionBehaviorOnRemove"(from Qt) on its function "setTabCloseActivatePrevious"
Qt docs says that the default value is "SelectRightTab"; however I don't know if RTL users agree with this....
I also removed a non virtual slot from KTabWidget as it was not used anymore (this should be compatible.. am I wrong?)

- Should the APIDOX be modified/updated ?

This addresses bugs 181124 and 207747.

Diffs (updated)

  svn:// 1033579 
  svn:// 1033579 
  svn:// 1033579 



I tested this in Konqueror and it worked properly explains more testcase situations (investigation before the patch)



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