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Tue Oct 6 05:50:16 BST 2009

On Oct 5, 2009, at 6:06 PM, Thomas L├╝bking wrote:

> Am Monday 05 October 2009 schrieb Benjamin Meyer:
>> release and the fixes to appear.  I think the only major one left is
>> not oxygen related, but the fact that distros are unlinking kio from
>> oxygen so the file dialog is no longer the kde one, but the qt  
>> one. :\
>> -Benjamin Meyer
> /OT
> While at it, i've a problem with arora and the file dilog myself:
> As Bespin doesn't link KDE/kio, i detect the environment and call  
> kdialog or
> zenity in case. (QProcess::exec(), ::waitForFinished())
> This works ok everywhere and in arora, UNLESS I zoom an image (i.e.  
> click it so
> it gets scaled to 100%)
> From now on, the /kdialog/ processes for this arora process (any, no  
> matter
> what i save or whether i closed the offending tab) seem to be  
> blocked, but the
> CPU stays cold.
> Having the app enter a modal state has no impact on this, i tried  
> killing all
> events on the QProcess (i.e. install a dumb return true event  
> filter) without
> luck.
> Most interestingly, zenity doesn't care at all...
> Any idea what could happen inside arora (or WebKit) that could cause
> interference with QProcess and or kio? (i already tried calling  
> kdialog with
> the cde style, doesn't help ;-)
> Thomas

I simply notified the distro of the issue and moved on.  I don't have  
the itch/time to create a workaround for a bug that will (in theory)  
be shortly fixed.  Either way I am not really following your idea,  
loading up a kdialog through QProcess shouldn't inject kio into the  
main process I would think.

-Benjamin Meyer

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