Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Mon Oct 5 16:08:48 BST 2009

Am Monday 05 October 2009 schrieb Lydia Pintscher:
>> Do you recall some description or a user who encountered such?
> Not right now nope.
Eike had ;-)
(It sounds like just an insufficent system to run animated tab changes - we'll 

>Can we undo this all really soon and start over with no Amarok hacks?
The context view toggle is allready redundant and no more applied to recent 
versions, but please understand that if I remove everything now and w/o any 
counterwork on Amarok, /I/ will very likely get a lot of regression bug 
reports very soon :-(
Please also understand: these changes are
- optional
- deactivated by default
So no end user is (even accidently) /forced/ into some Amarok changes.
The default is to present a vanilla version.

> We are always very open to patches. 
Well, this has recently changed, but i can hear the echos of "No Lego 
bricking" "No the context view will stay there" "Svg skin isn't supposed to be 
changed" and errr: "Yes, We know better" - or so.
There was a lot of trouble on this about a year ago or so :-(

> Everything else is bound to cause trouble as we see now.
Not excatly.
The recent bug was entirely unrelated to this.
In fact, the only trouble/reports I had on the /hacks/ were:
- they just didn't apply for a short time on trunk (item names changed or so)
- i needed to adjust the UI element detection (on the QSplitter/QDockWidget 

> I'm of course happy to work with you to get your changes properly
> integrated into Amarok as far as they make sense.
I /assume/ the biggest hack might become redundant due to the NG toolbar - 
though i don't know about Amarok's future plans on this.
So I was about to wait and see ;-)
Other than this it just allows to manipulate frame styles. (All sunken / All 

I'd however be happy to work on the UI with you.
Are there any strategical struts described (i.e. "we want this direction and 
that, but no way the other one")

> Please push harder next time. Poke me in any case. I will make sure
> the right people see your email/post/bug report.
Will do, thank you.


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