RFC: System Settings categorisation overhaul

Martin Gräßlin ubuntu at martin-graesslin.com
Sat Oct 3 09:03:45 BST 2009

Am Samstag 03 Oktober 2009 08:50:56 schrieb Ben Cooksley:
> Currently in System Settings the categories structure is not very easy
> to use, and makes finding settings harder than it should be. In order
> to correct this, a complete re-structure of the modules is required,
> removing the General / Advanced sorting and giving modules clear
> names.
> Dario Andres ( from bugsquad ) and myself have been working on this
> and have developed the following plan at this time for the modules
> [1]. Please see the following mockup to see how this would look [2].
> This is aimed at KDE 4.4 at this point, and we hope to commit it next
> week assuming no changes need to be made. We would appreciate
> everyone's comments on this.
I do not like the "Desktop effects" on toplevel. "Multiple Desktop" and "Screen 
Edges" do not fit into "Window behaviour". I would prefer a new Module 
"Workspace" which unites some Plasme and KWin config modules, that is:
 * Multiple Desktops
 * Desktop Effects
 * Screen Edges
 * Screen Saver (IMO that belongs to workspace and not desktop look)
 * and the new "Workspace" module from Plasma - that needs a better name ;-)
 * (perhaps also Task Switcher)
> All modules currently provided in KDE SVN will need to be adjusted to
> these new categories. For those that are not adjusted, a Legacy
> category will be dynamically created by System Settings if a module is
> not part of any other categories.
> Regards,
> Ben Cooksley
> System Settings Maintainer
> Note: The mockup is only done to show how the categories would look
> relative to each other. The current sizing of icons is not going to
> change.
> [1] http://techbase.kde.org/User:DarioAndres/SS3
> [2] http://imagebin.ca/view/Y3KUza.html
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