Used but never set HAVE_FOO macros

David Faure faure at
Mon Mar 23 14:51:07 GMT 2009

On Saturday 21 March 2009, Allen Winter wrote:
> Based on a discussion in the buildsystem mailing list, I am looking
> for HAVE_FOO macros we are using in our code, but not setting
> anywhere in the buildsystem.

> khtml/misc/loader_jpeg.cpp: HAVE_LIBJPEG
> khtml/misc/loader.h: HAVE_LIBJPEG
> khtml/rendering/break_lines.cpp: HAVE_LIBTHAI

Still pending. Maksim?

> kjsembed/kjsembed/kjseglobal.h: HAVE_ITOA

Seems pointless? It defines the itoa signature, which seems pointless if itoa is
available anyway. Hmm. The .cpp has an impl. So I guess this means to be
ifndef HAVE_ITOA, not ifdef...  Matt?

> kpty/kpty.cpp: HAVE__GETPTY

Typo for HAVE_GETPTY I guess?

> kio/kssl/kssldefs.h: HAVE_OLD_SSL_API

Hmm. svn annotate says I added in 2000 an autoconf check for openssl-0.9.5, because
they changed the API in 0.9.6. We can just drop the 0.9.5 code now. Done.

> kde3support/kdecore/k3tempfile.cpp: HAVE_TEST

Fixed (removed)

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