Patch v4: Fix KEncodingProber crashiness

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Sat Mar 21 16:49:04 GMT 2009

Christoph Feck wrote:
> Am Saturday 21 March 2009 16:03:20 schrieb Peter Oberndorfer:
>>> * Why not name it encoding() ?
>>> encodingNameByteArray reads very hackish...
> And why not just return a QString? Is there a reason the encoding needs to be 
> specified in a specific encoding itself, so that it needs to be a byte array?

No idea.  I was told on this list that the new function should return a
QByteArray -- so it does.

Anyways, I'm going to leave this to someone else to take care of.  I am
mostly useless in improving the class as I know little about charsets,
but more importantly I didn't intend to get into long discussions of how
the class got to be where it is now and all the things wrong with it;
please discuss that with the author.  I just wanted to fix the crash.

Whoever ends up taking care of this, please ensure it is ported back to
4.2 branch so when Amarok 2.1 is released (which will probably be after
4.2.2) people aren't crashing all over.


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