KDirSelectDialog change icon size feature...

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Fri Mar 20 07:56:22 GMT 2009

Hi Shaun,

> On 3/18/09, Peter Penz <peter.penz at gmx.at> wrote:
> > I'm not happy that we have now 3
> > locations with a quite similar zooming
> > code:
> > - Dolphin (-> Konqueror with DolphinPart)
> > - file dialog
> > - dir select dialog
> >
> > The code in Dolphin already differs from the code in the file dialog
> > (Dolphin has a fixed raster of zooming levels, the file
> > dialog allows a
> > pixelwise zooming). I'd like to get them unified before we
> > copy the code
> > from file dialog to another class...
> Yeah, I felt bad when I was duplicating all of this code, it -should-
> be moved somewhere, but I have no idea as to where, else I would try
> and do it.
> > Generally speaking I'm unsure about the need
> > for this feature in the dir
> > select dialog: The setting won't be
> > remembered and why should I need to zoom
> > directory icons?
> I wanted this feature because the tiny icon size setting for listed
> folders is ugly, I don't like small icons, and these ones are very
> tiny. This should showcase the before/after, clearly. I like to have
> the freedom to change the size to whatever I want, and I like to spice
> it up every so often, by using a different size. Plus, it is in other
> views.... etc...
>  http://picasaweb.google.com/predator106/OtherRandomScreenies#
>  We can of course, move that around if we have to....

Thanks for the screenshot. But this indicates that the real problem you try to solve with the icon slider is to have larger icons. So after you've configured once the icon size in your environment, you won't use the zoom slide anymore. Is this correct?

Beside the code duplication topic: I don't see the need of wasting ~25 pixels vertical space in the dialog with a zoom slider only because the default icon size is too small.

One possible solution might be that the dir select dialog respects the icon size configured in the system settings (system settings -> appearance -> icons -> advanced). Another possibility would be to provide a context menu to adjust the icons size.

Best regards,

>  --
>  Riverenter Vestri,
>  Shaun Reich

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