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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Mar 13 16:45:04 GMT 2009

On Friday 13 March 2009, Torsten Rahn wrote:
> > actually benefit the user experience in any way, it would be brilliant if
> > you could participate, utilize and help spread the results.
> Sorry, I'm busy enough to do the same for Marble.

then who am i writing this document for? if you aren't going to use it or 
spread it around, who will? why should i bother?

i agree with you that coordination is great, communication is terrific and we 
should aim for a coherent set of results.

what i fail to see is where there is that desire for coherency when we face 
criticism for doing exactly that (see this thread and the other one about 
kcm's in workspace using the monitor preview widget) and how we will go from 
"here, i've documented it" to "ok, now we're coordinating" when we have no 
commitment nor process in place to take those documents and do something 
meaningful with them.

i see no point in spending my time writing something that won't be used. 
people love to ask for stuff that they then just ignore later because they 
really didn't actually have any plans for it in the first place.

so before i give you (and the others in this thread) what you want, i'm making 
some simple requests in return as a pre-condition, namely: make some 
commitment to a set of processes that stand a chance in producing results 
we'll all be proud of.

that means defining those processes, and then committing to them. as a start, 
it would be nice if we:

* posted these documents on techbase with one page pointing to all of them

* actually read the relevant bits

* commented / got involved with clarifying the bits that are important to our 
projects and direct interests, but only those bits

if that's not a realistic set of commitments you can make, there's really no 
point in spending my time placating you by writing long documents and keeping 
them up to date.

> > this particular bit of your email also borders on "let's start a general
> > bitch fest about anything we don't like, understand or get about plasma
> > and any code around that project".
> There's no bitching involved (I would have kept it less constructive and
> would have added sarcasm and irony otherwise). And I don't have a reason to
> bitch as I like much of the plasma development.
> I only tried to express where I think Plasma urgently and critically needs
> to improve

my simple request is to keep this thread focused on one issue, and hopefully 
the issue relevant to kde-core-devel.

everything else should go into separate threads on the correct mailing lists.

> > please don't throw around terms like "map in the spatial memory" unless
> > you're prepared to offer some actual evidence to the fact that we are
> > talking about spatial memory, mapping, etc.
> That is trivial to show - especially once a user got lost in one of the
> virtual desktops of his activities (or was it the other way around?) and
> asks himself "WHERE the hell did I put this window -- or was it a plasmoid
> ... ?"

find me on irc and we can talk about this. i don't think you understood what i 
wrote, which may be because i wrote it in an unclear manner or we're simply 
talking about something from different perspectives. either way, it doesn't 
belong in this thread, but i'm happy to discuss it elsewhere in an appropriate 
context so that we can sort it out.

Aaron J. Seigo
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