Fullscreen interfaces

Casper Clemence maninalift at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 13 14:56:38 GMT 2009

>> > I also agree that the current situation of the activities vs. virtual
>> > desktops is really hard to understand for a user as it provides two very
>> > similar but orthogonal concepts that are hard to map in the spatial
>> > memory of many users. So either there needs to happen a lot of
>> > integration between both to make it more clear to the user as to how both
>> > concepts relate to each other. Or the whole concept needs some conceptual
>> > refactoring to make it more simple to understand.
> I think we all are aware of that particular problem...

My personal take (and no analogy is perfect) is that if virtual
desktops are like... well, desks, with different documents on them,
then activities are like diffent sets of stationary. The calculator,
the photo, the mobile phone... those little things I have to help me
get my work done or to help me avoid doing work altogether.

Often those tools are associated with a particular workload but not always.

As far as managing those things and making them transparent to the
user. I think there is a revolution due in the way they are managed
and acheiving that in an intuitive way is the big challenge.


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