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Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat Jul 25 14:45:14 BST 2009

Dawit A. wrote:
>On Wednesday 22 July 2009 03:31:51 Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Dawit A. wrote:
>> >This patch for KIO::AccessManager and KIO::MetaData will make it
>> > possible for the webkit part and perhaps in the future other users
>> > of KWebPage/KWebView to be able to use the meta data information.
>> > The motivation for this patch was the lack of any feedback (missing
>> > security icon) when you use the webkit part to navigate secure pages
>> > in Konqueror. Where as you get a little green shield icon in the
>> > location bar when you use KHTML.
>> Patch makes sense. This is the kind of use I invented user attributes
>> for.
>Great, I have made further modifications in accessmanagerreply_p.cpp...
>1.) Since cookies are going to be handled by KIO, make sure they are not
> set in QNetworkReply to avoid duplicate calls KCookieJar. kio_http
> already does this for us. I had to resort to this hack because
> QNetworkCookieJar does not provide separate functions for setting
> cookies from javascript and hence there is no way to distinguish the
> source of the cookies (javascript/http).
>2.) Use QPointer for the kio job to guard against it being deleted. This
>caused a crash in few sites because the ::abort() function seemed to be
> called after the job was already deleted.

Patch still makes sense. I'll see what can be done about 

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