Using KUrlNavigator to navigate through arbitrary hierarchies

Stefan Majewsky majewsky at
Wed Jul 22 21:14:44 BST 2009

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I've just compiled git head of Amarok 2.2 to have a look at the new browser 
interface, which uses a breadcrumb bar. However, it seems like that breadcrumb 
bar is not the same as in Dolphin and friends (i.e. KUrlNavigator), it looks a 
bit different and is a bit smaller. It looks like Amarok devs reimplemented a 
breadcrumb bar for their purposes.

As I'm planning to use a similar interface in an own application, I wanted to 
know whether there is a general breadcrumb bar at all, which can be used with 
an arbitrary hierarchy (i.e. an arbitrary tree model). If no, is there any 
chance that something like this could be implemented in kdelibs (in a way that 
allows KUrlNavigator to share the implementation)?

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