[PATCH] Add support for JEDEC/metric standards to KLocale::formatByteSize

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Sun Jul 12 21:38:17 BST 2009

> > Personally i also am against introducing the non-sensical and outdated
> > JEDEC standard and think my patch, which Michael also was referring to,
> > provides the interface needed to suit the needs of users and
> translators.
Again, the JEDEC standard is bad because it is simply undistinguishable from SI units.. also if you look at the relevant Wikipedia pages they only 'standardized' KB/MB/GB, thus dropping it and just using the KiB/MiB/GiB/xiB (as is current behaviour) makes much more sense to me than allowing people to choose it. My patch also just allows to request a formatted byte size string with a distinct unit, although a kcontrol option to allow system-wide switching of unit system between base 1000/1024 units can easily be added.

> Your patch will need revised to account for recent performance
> improvement changes (grep for CACHEBYTEFMT in klocale.cpp) if it hasn't
> already.
Yes i already incorporated that performance hack ;)

> > Please have a look at it over at http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/943/diff,
> I tried to look at it last week (and had to instead consult your patch
> from February) but it still comes up with a Python traceback (and before
> that, simply came up with nothing).  It's probably a Reviewboard bug but
> you'll probably need to re-submit it to reviewboard I think.
Ok i indeed had to resubmit it, it's now @ http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/1003/diff/ ... Perhaps the error came up because there were troubles uploading the diff via AJAX and i retransmitted several times.. The test which was also part of the review request - just committed it (995477).

BTW the patch you posted (having a look at it just now) looks interesting too *g

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