ReviewBoard Upgrade & post-review

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Sat Jul 11 00:55:00 BST 2009

David Solbach wrote:
> has been updated to RB 1.0 (from 1.0Alpha2). Additionally, 
> the search feature is now enabled.
> To all who (want to) use the post-review [1] script:
> Today I received a bug report ( 
> because post-review didn't  work as expected. This issue is now fixed and the 
> stock post-review should work again.

Yay, it does! So... @all: may I please now add the appropriate svn 
property so --server isn't needed to modules that are using RB? :-) (I'd 
like to start with kdelibs, which is why I am CC'ing k-c-d.)

p.s. if you haven't used post-review before, check it out[2], it's a 
great help. Personally, I can never get the base path right trying to 
upload diffs by hand ;-).


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