moving keyboard model configuration UI

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Fri Jul 10 04:26:19 BST 2009

2009/7/8 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at>:
let me reply in reverse order :)

> Alternatively, how about a link to the current configuration place in
> Keyboard & Mouse/Keyboard? Windows mobile adds links from likely
> related places in it's configuration screens, and it is a great help.
the problem is currently if you don't enable layout configuration you
can't set keyboard model either, so simple link would help only for
people using both
though conceptually I am not sure why keyboard model (pretty hardware
thingy) belongs to Regional/Layouts?

> I would suggest copying some of the functionality to there instead of
> simply moving it. One place is no more appropriate than the other, but
> both seem logical.
it's a bit harder to do: if both modules allow to configure (and they
have different config files) which one takes precedence? I guess then
they have to share the config option, but both modules also start (and
try to set settings) separately so it'll be done twice unless they
know about each other...

That said I was also thinking about "Advanced" tab in keyboard layout
- it allows to set so called "xkb options", many of them are related
to switching layouts (so it should be present in layout tab), but many
of them also don't really belong to layouts or don't belong to just
them: e.g. Alt/Win key behavior... Others like "numeric keypad layout"
is kinda "layout" but is not really "regional", i.e. even people that
use only "us" layout may want to configure those...

And the problem is that those "Advanced" options come from xkb, so KDE
has no idea really what they are and they change with each
xkeyboard-config, so splitting them is not an option

Taking all that I was thinking that merging Keyboard (settings) with
Layouts into single module and having tabs like "Keyboard", "Layout",
"Advanced" (I guess it's close to what windows has), and then we can
have links to those in both Hardware and Regional sections which could
open same module UI but jumping to appropriate tab...

Having said all that, the scale of this could very well be outside of
my free time to implement, but I am open to discussion anyway :)


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