moving keyboard model configuration UI

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Jul 8 17:51:53 BST 2009

> I am thinking about moving keyboard model configuration from Regional
> & Language/Keyboard Layout to Keyboard & Mouse/Keyboard. Even though
> configuring model and layout is currently done with one setxkbmap
> call, for the user it seems to make more sense to have keyboard model
> in "hardware" config rather that in the layout. More than that many
> people probably want to configure keyboard model even if they don't
> use multiple layouts (which is currently not possible with system
> settings).
> Just wanted to know if there's any objections/suggestions/ideas?

I would suggest copying some of the functionality to there instead of
simply moving it. One place is no more appropriate than the other, but
both seem logical.

Alternatively, how about a link to the current configuration place in
Keyboard & Mouse/Keyboard? Windows mobile adds links from likely
related places in it's configuration screens, and it is a great help.

Dotan Cohen

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