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On Thursday 02 July 2009, Alex Fiestas wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 July 2009 21:10:41 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > * web developers only test against web stacks that have "enough usage",
> > which means in practice IE, Gecko and WebKit. so workarounds, where
> > needed, often appear in the websites themselves for those engines. that
> > means those stacks actually have _less_ work to do since the work-arounds
> > are often supplied for them by website developers.
> I'm not sure about this Aaron, I'm a web developer and I've never care
> about Webkit, is Webkit who had care about be able to run everything I've
> done in Firefox, and is Webkit who had care about give me tools to spend
> the minor possible time fixing special Webkit stuff. 

yes, not every web dev cares about WebKit.

but more web developers care about WebKit than care about KHTML, and more 
developers work on WebKit picking up the remaining slack than do on KHTML. 
using the word "more" is a bit of an understatement there. and those are the 
important points for those of us writing applications that want to render web 

> 	1-Have to get 100/100 on acid3 (khtml ppl is working on it.
> 	2-Have to be able technically to develop something like firebug.
> 	3-And implement (they already have iirc) a JIT Js stuff.

or we choose to use WebKit and get all this stuff now.

> Konqueror:

this is not about konqueror.

> Let me explain the first point on each list:
> As I said, a web developer cares about IE and Gecko, which mainly means, IE
> (non standar) and Gecko (standar). So if khtml gets 100/100 in acid,
> everything should run just fine.

assuming this is true (and i personally doubt it), this ignores the fact that 
acid3 is not the end of the web's evolution. the goal posts will move again 
and we need the fastest horse we can find that has a good chance of meeting 
our needs.

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