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Andrea Diamantini adjam7 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 17:18:24 BST 2009

On Wednesday 01 July 2009 10:03:40 Will Stephenson wrote:
> Hi all
> i'm following up my blog with some action and want to get an idea who else
> is interested in making web browsing inside KDE instead of on top of KDE
> work again.  I personally don't have any browser coding experience but have
> an idea where we should be.  I'll start following up here with a few
> possibilities.
> BTW, is this the right list, should we do this straight on kfm-devel?
> Will

Hi all,

I'm really sorry to appear some days after "this topic" hot days. As said in 
the planet, I was ill.

I started playing with rekonq 8 months ago. And it's definitely an hobby 
project, as someone just pointed out.
I started coding from QtDemoBrowser and that's because I didn't import *tests 
from Arora.
To be really honest, I have a local branch with some autotests and so on. I 
studied a little bit about the problem and now I can easily provide some tests 
for a library, but not so easily for an app. At least not without *copying* 
konqueror kdemain and CMakeLists ;) Anyway..

During this period, some people joined the project and now we are 8 
programmers (3 really active). Plus other 5-6 persons helping testing, 
suggesting things, doing quite all but code.
Anyway, I can say that at least 70% of new code and 120% of new bugs are from 
me (tm). That's to say and confirm that rekonq is not a big project; we (me, 
pano, avaddon, henry, eelko, etc..) are just having a lot of fun.

One thing I have to say is that I'm quite "allergic" to git-svn or tailor: so 
please, if you are a developer and wanna see rekonq code, it's on gitorious 
(http://gitorious.org/projects/rekonq). We are really precursors :)

About development:

in rekonq 0.2 we are moving to kdewebkit and modifying Ui to be as simple as 
possible. Following (a bit) Chrome UI ideas, with a (simpler, of course) 
search/location/url bar integrated.
We are near to the alpha/beta/release cycle.

In rekonq 0.3 we'll work on the famous "one task for tab" feature, perhaps 
limiting to X11 rekonq use. A better location bar and some minor changes.

Waiting for kwallet integration, the most wanted feature.


rekonq is a lightweight browser. And I hope it will always be. So we are not 
planning at all plugins, extensions and so on.

I personally chose using kdewebkit instead of the webkit-kpart because I'm not 
a good programmer and I'm yet trying to understand: is kparts technology 
really "important" for a web-browser (assumed that I don't want to embed 
okular, gwenview, ark or others but just launch them if necessary)?

Now children are protesting too much, time to stop, sorry.

Andrea Diamantini,
rekonq project
WEB: http://rekonq.sourceforge.net
IRC: adjam_AT_freenode
GPG Fingerprint: 57DE 8E32 7D1A 0E16 AA52 59D8 84F9 3ECD DBF9 730F

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