Change shape over icons (file-dialog)

David Faure faure at
Tue Dec 8 13:37:13 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> Peter Penz wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > When going into System Settings -> Keyboard  & Mouse -> Mouse settings
> > the setting
> >
> > [x] Change pointer shape over icons
> >
> > is ignored since KDE 4.0 in the file-open dialog (and also in Dolphin).
> > There is a discussion at
> > whether this option makes sense at all.
> >
> > From my point of view changing the pointer shape should only be done
> > above text-links (and in this case always, not optionally). If an icon is
> > hovered, a visual feedback is given anyhow since KDE 4.0 (toolbars, file
> > items, menu items, plasma, ...) and IMO no changing of the pointer shape
> > is required.
> >
> > I've checked which classes use KGlobalSettings::changeCursorOverIcon()
> > [1]. From my personal point of view this option should be declared as
> > obsolete for KDE SC 4.5: either changing the pointer shape is a benefit
> > for the user or not. But declaring this as an option just leads to the
> > problem we have currently: only a minority of the applications/classes
> > respect this setting at all...
> >
> > Any thoughts? I don't want to start a bikeshed discussion, but maybe I'm
> > missing an aspect of this option...
> I think changing the cursor over icon is a good indicator that a click
> is not going to select the item, but rather trigger an "heavier"
> (suggestions for a better word?) action like starting an application or
> going inside a folder.
> I believe the option should not be there, instead we should have a
> policy which says something like this: "when single-clicking an item
> results in an 'heavier' action than selecting the item, the cursor
> should change to Qt::PointingHandCursor" (the sentence is poor, but
> hopefully you get what I mean)

I agree.

BTW this means the file dialog doesn't need to change the cursor, even 
QDialog::accept() is not a heavy action, compared to a file manager starting
an application.

So basically only dolphin needs to implement the pointing hand cursor (no 
option needed), the existing code you found (digikam, gwenview etc.) can stay 
but should just be cleaned up of the if()s, the kcm checkbox should be 
removed, and the kglobalsettings method deprecated.

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