Change shape over icons (file-dialog)

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Tue Dec 8 13:00:53 GMT 2009

Peter Penz wrote:
> Hi,
> When going into System Settings -> Keyboard  & Mouse -> Mouse settings the 
> setting
> [x] Change pointer shape over icons
> is ignored since KDE 4.0 in the file-open dialog (and also in Dolphin). There 
> is a discussion at whether this 
> option makes sense at all.
> From my point of view changing the pointer shape should only be done above 
> text-links (and in this case always, not optionally). If an icon is hovered, a 
> visual feedback is given anyhow since KDE 4.0 (toolbars, file items, menu 
> items, plasma, ...) and IMO no changing of the pointer shape is required.
> I've checked which classes use KGlobalSettings::changeCursorOverIcon() [1]. 
> From my personal point of view this option should be declared as obsolete for 
> KDE SC 4.5: either changing the pointer shape is a benefit for the user or 
> not. But declaring this as an option just leads to the problem we have 
> currently: only a minority of the applications/classes respect this setting at 
> all...
> Any thoughts? I don't want to start a bikeshed discussion, but maybe I'm 
> missing an aspect of this option...

I think changing the cursor over icon is a good indicator that a click
is not going to select the item, but rather trigger an "heavier"
(suggestions for a better word?) action like starting an application or
going inside a folder.

I believe the option should not be there, instead we should have a
policy which says something like this: "when single-clicking an item
results in an 'heavier' action than selecting the item, the cursor
should change to Qt::PointingHandCursor" (the sentence is poor, but
hopefully you get what I mean)


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