kde-qt branches after 4.6.0 release

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Dec 1 16:52:44 GMT 2009

Em Terça-feira 01 Dezembro 2009, às 17:40:49, Pau Garcia i Quiles escreveu:
> > I'm considering myself rather noobish with git, but somehow I learned to
> > understand what checkout, fetch, merge and pull do. Maybe on a really
> > basic level, but I can't say this was something hard to learn. So I
> > encourage svn- model lovers to start looking into git model ;)
> No, you are wrong.

He's not.

> The problem with the original kde-qt.git model was you needed to know
> what was the blessed branch that day and when to git checkout some
> other branch: Thiago (or whoever is in charge of kde-qt.git) would
> create new branches once, and every KDE developer would need to git
> checkout the blessed branch of the moment. Knowing the "right" branch
> of kde-qt.git was the whole problem, all the time.

Indeed, this is the source of the problem.

Considering we change branches every 2 months, how hard can it be? Should I 
blog and post to kde-core-devel? Easy, I've done that before. Should people 
realise that there's a new Qt release? Easy, there's a lot of web splash about 
the releases.

So, yeah, people were lazy to figure out what the latest branch was. So I made 
it easy for them. And impossibly hard for packagers.

> As opposed to that, I proposed that there would be a well-known
> blessed branch and we would just follow that branch.

That's what we have now.

> I did not know that would make impossible to extract the kde-qt.git
> patches we had in qt-copy in svn. Why is that useful? Because 99% of
> the time those patches make sense and packageers may want to apply
> those patches to the Qt4 packages. In fact, at work we did apply those
> patches to Qt4 commercial until 4.5.2 (we never moved to 4.5.3, which
> is the first version of kde-qt.git).

Good luck now. I'm not going to help.

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