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Sun Aug 30 22:54:37 BST 2009

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Tom Albers wrote:

> Op Sunday 30 August 2009 23:27 schreef u:
>> On 8/30/09, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org> wrote:
>> > A Diumenge, 30 d'agost de 2009, Tom Albers va escriure:
>> >> Op Sunday 30 August 2009 15:15 schreef u:
>> >> > Qt 4.6 will be released end of this year [...]. So 
should we based the
>> >> > trunk on top of 4.6 for KDE 4.4?
>> >>
>> >> My humble opinion is that if Qt 4.6 is released before KDE 
4.4 Beta 1, we
>> >> can depend on it. If not released before November 11th, we 
can not test it
>> >> properly and can not depend on it.
>> >
>> > I'm with Tom here, don't depend on something you can not 
test, that's rule
>> > number one of the software development, and 4.6 does not 
exist so we can't
>> > test it.
>> problem is that distributions will ship KDE4.4 with Qt 4.6 
anyways, so
>> any problem that can be it will be there anyways, not 
depending on 4.6
>> just denies features
> I'm sure we can make a cmake check which will give a big fat 
warning to distro's to not do that. 
> Toma

So stop shipping Qt updates just because KDE 4.4 can't handle 
4.6? Sorry, but KDE should not hold up Qt updates. Don't make it 
a hard dependency since it's not out yet, but don't ignore it 
either. Qt is backwards compatible in theory, so differences 
should be minor. If upstream does this, I'm sure there will be 
patches to work with 4.6 from Fedora at least if there are 

- --Ben
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