KDE Trunk based on Qt 4.6

Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Sun Aug 30 23:36:26 BST 2009

On 2009-08-30, Tom Albers <toma at kde.org> wrote:
> Thanks. Just gave a whole new look on Debian. 
> I naively thought they would take KDE serious and would not ignore such a warning.

Well.. We can start listing the alternatives:

1. Hold a Qt upload to debian in 7 months until kde supports it, including
   holding other apps who then will need it
2. Push it and hope for the best.
3. Maintain two coinstallable Qt editions.

3. is a no-go for reasons like "hacking two qt4 editions to be
coinstallable is just too much work and requires too ugly hacks".  
"Security supporting one more copy of a web rendering engine is just 
not something we will do"

1. is also a nogo. There is more than KDE in the world.

That leaves option 2.

> So, that means we can only reach one conclusion: this discussion is void, depend 
> on qt4.6, there is no other option.

No. There is a different possibility: Don't break with qt4.6, but also
don't use qt4.6 features. 

kde4.3 + qt4.6 is also going to be a interesting combination.


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