Merging KAuth into KDELibs

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Sat Aug 29 13:15:23 BST 2009

On August 29, 2009, Dario Freddi wrote:
> On Saturday 29 August 2009 14:02:20 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > how many applications should be using this (directly or indirectly): few
> > or many? if few, a separate library is a good way to limit symbol growth
> > in our core libs; if many, avoiding another library to link in might be
> > good.
> Ideally many, KIO for instance. But given that is very specific, I still
> like the idea of having it separate

well, it means that the apps will open another library, which impacts start up 
time of apps.

> > will classes in libkdecore such as KAUthorized use it in the future?
> Surely possible, but the API of KAuth is easier, nicer and more powerful.
> KAuthorized does not seem to be mantained

thing is that KAuthorized is used. it ties into KConfig and Kiosk. 
understanding how KAuth and Kiosk should interact/intersect will be an 
important discussion to have, but even if we deprecate KAuthorized we should 
not have two completely detached systems imho and KAuthorized should hook into 
KAuth as well behind the scenes.

> > will any widget in kdeui need access to it?
> Only the new ones, KAuthorizedButton and KAuthorizedAction

to me, it'd be more natural to find KAuthorizedAction next to KAction. even 
more natural would be if KAction could be extended so we don't need a new 
class. i haven't looked at the API of KAuthorizedAction to know if that makes 
any sense, but maybe we can do this together here in person @ T3?

> > (and the first stop of libkauth would be kdereview :)
> Been there already :) we moved it to a branch first to prepare for merging
> and avoid disasters

ah, ok :)

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