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Fri Aug 28 19:57:53 BST 2009

Am Friday 28 August 2009 schrieb Nuno Pinheiro:
> A Sexta, 28 de Agosto de 2009 17:22:31 Thomas Lübking você escreveu:
> > Am Friday 28 August 2009 schrieb Lucas Murray:
> > > (Other KWin decorations, some plasmoids, etc.). Personally I don't
> > > find it that ugly at all--it's not beautiful, but it's not ugly
> > > either.
> >
> > While i totally agree on the need of an (optionally) colorable window
> > frame (to separate windows and stress the active one) i must agree with
> > Nuno on this either:
> > The Ozone solution for this... "has a lot of space for visual
> > improvement" (to avoid saying "is ugly")
> >
> > The reason is that in difference to other "traditional" decos the
> > coloring (tinting) looks entirely out-of-place.
> >
> > (And as just bashing is bad):
> > I would suggest* a colored frame that connects to a colored "inlay"
> > around the label - this way it'd be more like an accessoire - and less
> > like a color bug.
> mock mock???
attached. maybe with also concave corners, but then i'd code - mocking is 
really a hard job ;-)

> * and I wonder how can aprox 97% of the world live without this feature, xp
> vista and windows 7 don't have it, mac does not have it. gnome i don't
>  think they have it....
what feature?

- unified look?
well, at least apple has (in a way and depending on the version =)

- a colored deco?
was common to /all/ windows versions up to vista.
the metacity colors maybe "hardcoded" but you get different schemes and iirc 
all DEs provided /some/ way to distinct the active window and frame windows 
for separation - though luna (WinXP) was a little bit overhead ;-)
apple is again in advance, as they can change the color of the whole window 
for all apps and just really rely on composition

you can look around here for many historic solutions:

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