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Fri Aug 28 18:35:02 BST 2009

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 6:45 PM, Nuno Pinheiro<nuno at> wrote:
> A Sexta, 28 de Agosto de 2009 17:22:31 Thomas Lübking você escreveu:
>> Am Friday 28 August 2009 schrieb Lucas Murray:
>> > (Other KWin decorations, some plasmoids, etc.). Personally I don't
>> > find it that ugly at all--it's not beautiful, but it's not ugly
>> > either.
>> While i totally agree on the need of an (optionally) colorable window frame
>> (to separate windows and stress the active one) i must agree with Nuno on
>> this either:
>> The Ozone solution for this... "has a lot of space for visual improvement"
>> (to avoid saying "is ugly")
>> The reason is that in difference to other "traditional" decos the coloring
>> (tinting) looks entirely out-of-place.
>> (And as just bashing is bad):
>> I would suggest* a colored frame that connects to a colored "inlay" around
>> the label - this way it'd be more like an accessoire - and less like a
>> color bug.
> mock mock???
>> If anyone wonders:
>> I ruled that out and changed it to a colored edge for bespin to not loose
>> the visual gradient effect on the titlebar - but that's not the point here
>> ;-)
>> Regards,
>> Thomas
>> *actually think I had suggested that to Nuno for Oxygen when the Ozone
>> thing came up, but it just didn't match his vision
> * and I wonder how can aprox 97% of the world live without this feature, xp
> vista and windows 7 don't have it, mac does not have it. gnome i don't think
> they have it....

Furthermore, I wonder why those who really want it can't just use
plastik/plastique and their accompanying windowdecoration? They were
good enough for KDE 3 and at least look consistent. A colorized Oxygen
windeco with oxygen theme looks ... out of place...

If distro's want they can change the default theme. Mandriva does it,
and while I might not like the look they created, at least it is
consistent while the suse one just looks odd.

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> Oxygen coordinator

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