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On August 28, 2009, Lucas Murray wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 4:14 PM, Michael Jansen<kde at> 
> > Or move nitrogen to playground until ready. Exactly as Aaaron suggested.
> >
> > When it's ready it could replace ozone.
> I moved it directly into trunk as I consider it an important piece of
> code that will be in KDE 4.4 and will meet the necessary requirements
> very quickly. Playground is something where code goes when there is no
> definite plans on how/when it will be integrated into trunk or if
> development will take a very long time.

that's not how we use it in plasma.

> At the current rate of development I will be switching the defaults
> over early next week. This kind of playground-in-trunk development is
> regular in KWin code. Guess how all our new effects are
> developed--right there in trunk.

from my experience with doing component development in playground, putting 
them through kdereview (particularly if done by a non-core dev) and then 
landing them in kdebase/kdeplasma-addons, i can tell you that:

* it allows for a lot more experimentation (less chance of breaking stuff 
being a really bad thing)
* it keeps a lot of failed experiments out of shipping modules
* it allows components to develop at their own natural pace regardless of the 
release cycle
* it makes it harder for people to sneak unwanted things in
* it encourages more code review and input from others

IOW, it's been better for both community and code. others with component based 
designs, such as kwin, may wish to consider this.

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