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Nuno Pinheiro nuno at
Fri Aug 28 09:16:30 BST 2009

A Sexta, 28 de Agosto de 2009 04:24:05 Lucas Murray vocĂȘ escreveu:
> The facts on Oxygen/Nitrogen:
> 1) Oxygen still doesn't have the settings for customisation. Once they
> add all the useful settings from Nitrogen then I agree that Nitrogen
> will probably not be needed anymore, however as the current state of
> Oxygen doesn't have those customisations then an alternative
> decoration must be made available if we want the features to be
> available in trunk/KDE 4.4 (I develop for the present, not the
> future).
> 2) Oxygen developers refuse to add any setting that makes things look
> ugly even if they can be useful to some people (Quote in context is
> available in this thread).
> 3) I am ensuring that Nitrogen and Oxygen are pixel-perfect copies
> when default settings are used (Another reason why the default hasn't
> been switched).
> 4) The Nitrogen configuration panel needs work (And it's being changed
> at an alarming rate). Some settings need better descriptions/layouts
> and the like.
> 5) Nitrogen does contain settings that will probably not be used by
> anyone. It was copied AS IS from KDE-Look, useless settings and all.
> They however add almost no maintenance as all that the setting change
> is a single small section of the rendering code. The big settings that
> change everything are far from useless such as the border size
> setting.
> 6) Nitrogen is the #1 KWin decoration on KDE-Look even if it's only
> been available for 7 months (That's my definition of "what users
> want"). 10,000 downloads and an overall score of 93% cannot be wrong
> (Cannot get exact numbers as KDE-Look is currently down).
> 7) Ozone's only extra setting is being enabled by some users
> (Non-OpenSuSE users) as KWin receives bug reports VERY quickly when it
> breaks (And apparently it's still broken... Works for me though).
> 8) I asked Nuno on IRC if it was fine to swap Ozone with Nitrogen
> before I did the switch and he said it was fine...
> 9) I am the developer that is overviewing all this, not Lubos. I do
> however have the same view as him and have been discussing with the
> Oxygen team on how to fix this whole Oxygen/Ozone thing since I joined
> the KWin team over a year ago with absolutely no success at all.

So let me get this, you did not talk with nitrogen developer? you just copied 
it over from kde-look and ported it to kdebase?

> About the off-topic snapping issue that the Oxygen team wants:
> 1) Oxygen team wants to be able to customise the snapping zones of a
> window from the decoration.
> 2) They want it so if a user clicks on another window but it close to
> a window's decoration then it will issue a resize command.
> 3) If the snapping zone is changed then it will allow two windows to
> overlap each other by a small amount even if the user cannot see it
> (As the overlapping part is transparent)
> 4) This means if the user wants to click a part of a window near the
> edge of another window then they will accidentally resize the window
> instead (Bad).
> 5) It will be possible to resize a window to the edge of the screen
> but not be able to resize it back as the resize handle is now off the
> screen (Bad).
> 6) Customising the snapping zone can only work when compositing is enabled.
> 7) I am not for or against adding this feature but other developers
> have voiced their opinion against it (I'll let them discuss it if they
> find it important).

I see alot of confusion here .... all we want is to make the hit area of the 
bottom corner extend a bit into the shadow area, so that we can make the 
window itself smaller. This is something nitrogen does but creates an 
extremely hard to click and drag resize corner. 

Oxygen coordinator  

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