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On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 9:53 PM, Aaron J. Seigo<aseigo at> wrote:
> as for non-blended tiltle bars, it does look pretty bad when used as a global
> option. and it leads to distros shipping with things like solid blue titlebars
> which then ends up being the screenshots of KDE4 in regional and national
> newspapers which gives people a very BAD impression of the beauty of KDE.

I had written quite a large response to this but it just made me sound
like a troll... The overall point though was if you want to remove
settings that are used by people just because they "are ugly" we might
as well remove a whole pile of other artwork-related stuff from KDE
since there is far more "ugly" things in trunk than this setting
(Other KWin decorations, some plasmoids, etc.). Personally I don't
find it that ugly at all--it's not beautiful, but it's not ugly

Also removing a setting that already exists is just enticing people to
make yet another fork. If the blending setting is removed from both
Oxygen and Nitrogen then I guarantee that someone will put it back and
upload to KDE-Look within a few weeks of the final KDE release.

Yes it looks ugly, but if someone really wants to make their KDE ugly
then they will manage to do so whether or not it's available in the
official packages or not. This also applies to distributions--if they
want the decorations to look ugly it will be made ugly. It's pretty
easy to download new themes from KDE-Look and on the KWin front
Aurorae (SVG-based decorations) is just going to make things even

We have already made our recommendation to distributions and users on
how KDE should look; they are our default settings. If they want to
customise then I say let them, it's just another point for us to say
that we are better than the competition.


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